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Español I - Spanish I
¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to our Spanish One class at SIMS. Señorita Sorrentino and I are very excited to work with you this year.
Please click on the "Spanish weekly materials" link (on the right) to see the materials posted for each week.  The "Spanish resources" link (on the right) will show you helpful online sites to practice your Español.
Keep up to date with quizzes and tests by adding our calendar to your iCalendar or Google Calendar application.  If you use iCalendar you will need to access the calendar with your student Google account first and then add your student Google account to your phone so you can add it to iCalendar.


Señorita Sorrentino and I are available most mornings starting at 7 a.m. and immediately after school (until 3:30).  We ask that you try to give us notice when you would like to come for tutoring so we can verify if we have any prior meetings scheduled. Also if I am not available at the time you want, you can also see Señorita Sorrentino for help.

Join our Quizlet class to keep up-to-date with the vocabulary flashcards.  Flashcards will be posted at the end of the learning segment.
2/24 Track Meet Roster
Order of Events: 2 Mile (field events will take place during the 2 Mile), 4x100 Relay, 1 Mile, 400, 100, 800, 200, 4x400 Relay. We encourage competitors to stay and cheer on their teammates, but once you are done with your events, you are free to leave. The meets should be completely done by 7:00 PM at the latest. Please make sure your ride is at GHS to pick you up by 7. Also as mentioned at the parent meeting, if your child will be riding home with someone other than you, please email me or send in a note with your child if you have not already done so. Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone on Monday!! Please join our Track Remind (@e2b64h) if you have not already. Monday's weather is looking questionable, so we will be sending out information as we get it through the remind. If our meet is cancelled due to weather, we WILL have practice at the school with our normal pickup time of 4:00.
SIMS Girls
unlimited   2 teams   unlimited   3   3   unlimited   3   2 teams
2 Mile   4X100 A   1 Mile   400   100   800   200   4X400 A
Carolyn Cross   Sarah Speering   Aley Tojino   Kennedy Myers   Destinee Bell   Addi Knox   Hannah Dyer   Kennedy Myers
Chloe Coffin   Hannah Dyer   Camille McGowan   Kobi Barnes   Josslyn Munn   Alexandra Kountakis   Makenzi Edwards   Charlotte Blumenthal
Madison Coffin   Makenzi Edwards   Chloe Coffin   Charlotte Blumenthal   Sarah Speering   Camille McGowan   Safa Madi   Xinyu Su
    Kennedy Myers   Safa Madi           Carolyn Cross       Josslyn Munn
3       Xinyu Su           Laine Blackford        
Shot Put   4X100 B               Madison Coffin       4X400 B
Lauren Murphey   Desntinee Bell               Mary Dozier Markwalter       Safa Madi
Natalie Yau   Addi Knox                       Sarah Speering
Sarah Schmidt   Alexandra Kountakis                       Alexandra Kountakis
    Charlotte Blumenthal                       Hannah Dyer
Discus   Alternate:                       Alternate:
Courtney Shafer                           Mary Dozier Markwalter
Kobi Barnes                           Camille McGowan
Lauren Murphey                            
Long Jump                            
Kobi Barnes                            
Makenzi Edwards                            
Tara Jenkins                            
unlimited   2 teams   unlimited   3   3   unlimited   3   2 teams
2 Mile   4X100 A   1 Mile   400   100   800   200   4X400 A
Ethan Jones   Justin Borne   Gantt Jones   Caleb Brown   Ben Wohlford   Ben Salley   Alex Desai   Ben Salley
George Zhou   Leke Morfaw   Iziq Thomas   Iziq Thomas   Carlos Roscoe   Charlie Salley   Carson Albert   Beau Autry
Noah Masters   Carlos Roscoe   Jack Haubert   Beau Autry   Justin Borne   Brian Powell   Leke Morfaw   Iziq Thomas
Viraj Bulla   Beau Autry   Sam Segrist           Eli Rhodes       Gantt Jones
        Solomon Humphreys           Ethan Jones        
3   4X100 B               Gantt Jones       4X400 B
Shot Put   Alex Desai               Jack Haubert       Solomon Humphreys
Ben Wohlford   Carson Albert               Noah Masters       Ben Wohlford
Gable Maddox   Charlie Salley               Sam Segrist       Caleb Brown
Justin Barnes   Anthony Painson               Solomon Humphreys       Charlie Salley
                    Theron Sapp        
3   Alternate:               Viraj Bulla       Alternate:
Discus   Eli Rhodes                       Ethan Jones
Anthony Painson                           Noah Masters
Gable Maddox                            
Justin Barnes                            
Long Jump                            
Eli Rhodes                            
Leke Morfaw                            
Theron Sapp                            
2019-2020 SIMS Track Team

Stallings Island 2019-2020 Track Team Roster


Addi Knox

Alexandra Kountakis

Aley Tojino

Camille McGowan

Carolyn Cross

Charlotte Blumenthal

Chloe Coffin

Courtney Shafer

Destinee Bell

Hannah Dyer

Josslyn Munn

Kennedy Myers

Kobi Barnes

Laine Blackford

Lauren Murphey

Madison Coffin

Makenzi Edwards

Mary Dozier Markwalter

Natalie Yau

Safa Madi

Sarah Schmidt

Sarah Speering

Tara Jenkins

Xinyu Su


Alex Desai

Anthony Painson

Beau Autry

Ben Salley
Charlie Salley

Ben Wohlford

Brian Powell

Caleb Brown

Carlos Roscoe

Carson Albert

Eli Rhodes

Ethan Jones

Gable Maddox

Gantt Jones

George Zhou

Iziq Thomas

Jack Haubert

Justin Barnes

Justin Borne

Leke Morfaw

Noah Masters

Sam Segrist

Solomon Humphreys

Theron Sapp


**Congratulations to the members of the 2019-2020 SIMS Track Team!!**


Athletes and Parents Please Note: We will have our first practice TOMORROW, 2/10. Parents, please pick up your athletes from practice 2/10 and other regular days of practice at 4:00. Weather permitting, Tuesday we will be taking our athletes to LHS by bus to practice. Parents, for Tuesday’s practice at LHS, you will need to pick your child up from LHS’ new track at 4:30. If we end up staying at SIMS due to weather, please pick up your athlete at 4:00. If you have questions as to where that is, please reach out to myself, Coach Weidenaar, or Coach Heckathorn.