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Stallings Island PE 2019-2020

Donna Seigler (Department Chair):, 706-447-2106 ext. 3751
Heather Bryan:, 706-447-2106 ext. 3751
Casey Heckathorn:, 706-447-2106 ext. 3750
2019-2020 Daily Schedule
8th Grade (2nd Period): 8:35-9:20 
8th Grade (3rd Period): 9:20-10:05
7th Grade (3rd Period): 10:05-10:50
7th Grade (4th Period): 10:50-11:35
6th Grade (5th Period): 1:05-1:50
6th Grade (6th Period): 1:50-2:35
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The Stallings Island Physical Education & Health Curriculum is designed to get students moving, to find enjoyment in play and movement, and to help them establish a knowledge base for what it means to be HEALTHY.
Students are expected to change clothes for PE daily. Each student needs to participate in clothes OTHER than those he/she wore to school.
In PE, students have a daily warm-up, followed by various competitive games and personal fitness challenges,  We offer a variety of both team and individual sports including: volleyball, basketball, badminton, football, baseball, kickball, soccer, floor hockey, throwing/dodging/ agility games, team handball, ultimate frisbee, and more. 
In addition to PE, students will participate in a 3-Week Health course in the classroom. This curriculum includes the Health Triangle (mental/emotional, social, physical health), personal health and well being, growth and development, nutrition, character development, and drugs/alcohol.
*further details in regard to participation, grading, expectations, etc. can be found in the link below
Due to the nature of the class, locker room privacy, and the fact that devices could be broken in this class, we have made the gym a “NO CELL PHONE ZONE.” Phones should be off and put away the entire class period.  This is a great opportunity to promote socialization, mental/emotional health and to focus on physical health.
The state of Georgia requires that each student participate in the Fitness Gram.  Students who take PE for a full year will take the assessment twice.  This physical assessment measures height, weight, cardiovascular health (PACER Test), flexibility, and strength (push ups and curl ups).  The results of these tests are entered and a report will be emailed home each semester outlining your child's physical strengths and weakness along with a BMI (Body Mass Index) score.  These assessments are not reflected in your child's grade.  We do though encourage them to do their best as this report is an indicator of their overall physical health.
See link below for more Information regarding Fitness Gram and Standards.
Each 9-Week Grading Period, students will participate in 2-3 mile runs. The purpose of our Mile Run assessments are for students to begin to self-monitor their own cardiovascular health, strength, set goals, and achieve consistency.  Ultimately though, the goal is for them to improve.

These assessments days are unannounced and run based on timing, attendance, and weather

MILE #1:

Baseline Run: Essentially this is a Pre-Test for the school year. This gives each student a baseline from which to improve. The grade earned for this first yearly assessment is based on effort, not time.
MILE #2 – (up to) MILE #12

Beginning on the 2nd Mile Run each school year, a student’s grade is based on their own individual performance. The top runners don’t automatically make 100’s and the less strong make 70’s. The grade is based on their own individual consistency and improvement in relation to their most recent attempt.

• If a child improves or is within 20 seconds of their previous attempt- Grade - 100
• If a child runs within 40 seconds of their previous attempt- Grade - 95
• If a child runs within 60 seconds of their previous attempt- Grade – 90
• If a child runs with 1:30 of their previous attempt- Grade - 85
• If a child runs within 2:00 of their previous attempt- Grade – 80
• If a child runs within 2:30 of their previous attempt- Grade - 75
• If a child runs within 3:00 of their previous attempt - Grade – 70
• If a child runs exceeds more than 3:00 from their previous attempt- Grade – 60
*this system allows for a child to have a “bad day, bad run, adverse conditions, etc.” and still be successful
*in most cases, students make gradual improvement through the course of the year and make 100’s on most if not all of their attempts
**Students must complete the mile in 15:00 or less to count.  Students that do not meet the required time will be given additional opportunities.
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