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Career Development

Good Career Development always incorporates the following three important steps:


1. Helping students learn about their own innate interests, abilities, and values

2. Helping students learn about the numerous career opportunities that exists in today’s world of work

3. Helping students make a good match, or find a good fit between steps 1 & 2


Our goal is to help students become productive citizens where they experience a sense of calling to their chosen career path, they enjoy their profession, and they can earn a living for themselves and their families.  Career Development at SIMS is implemented through a coordinated effort between the Counseling and Guidance department and the CTAE (Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education) department.  This involves Emily Lamar who teaches Business Information Technology and Lindsay Webb who teaches Technology Lab.  Our program schedule is listed here.


The GCIS website is a main resource for our career development program.  Students will use their Student Portal account to connect to GCIS via SLDS, located in the links under their picture. Please visit this website with your child/student and take a look at their work!