SIMS School Building

Learning Commons Rules

-Gum, food, and/or drinks are NOT permitted in the learning commons.
-Please place all returned books in the "Book Return" at the circulation desk.
-Lost or damaged items are the responsibility of the borrower. If you lose a library book, you are responsible for paying for the cost of the book and a non-refundable $1.00 processing fee. If the book is ever found, you may return it for a refund. Should the book be found in a condition where it could no longer be checked out and enjoyed by other students, a refund will not be issued. The student may not check out another book until the lost/damaged book is paid for.
-Computers are to be used for research only. No games, chat rooms, emails, etc.. allowed!
-You MUST have your Network Responsibility Form signed by your parents to be allowed to access the Internet!
-Students must bring a pass signed by a classroom teacher in order to use the learning commons during the school day.