SIMS School Building

Resources for Students

The SIMS Learning Commons provides the following databases for student use: 

  • Galileo
  • Nettrekker
  • Worldbook Online
  • SIRS Discoverer (K-8)


All of the computers in the learning commons have access to the Internet, school databases and online card catalog.


There are also 20 mini I-Pads available for student use.


Computers & I-Pads are to be used for research only. NO GAMES, CHAT ROOMS, E-MAILS, I-TUNES, etc...are allowed!! 


There is no charge for printing in the learning commons, but you must have permission from Ms. Kaigler or Ms. Wilson before you print. A copy machine is available for student use. Copies are 10 cents per page.



The SIMS Learning Commons subscribes to the Augusta Chronicle E-Edition. In addition, we have magazine subscriptions ranging from Automobile, Sports Illustrated Kids, and National Geographic Traveler to Allure, Outdoor Life, and Motor Trend.

 **Magazines may not be taken from the Media Center.